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Dec 30, 2003
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I recently got a pair 2nd hand, and didn't seem to get any bass port bungs.

I was looking in the rear port and i can just about see near the bottom some greyish sponge... should that be there? Is that a port bung that has been pushed all the way inside maybe? Cant fit my hand inside to see if it moves... :-/
Hi fade
Yes that is the colour of most port bung sponge.
Have you got a pair of forceps that you could just pinch the foam without pushing it in any further to pull it out.If the speakers are well away from the walls the speakers will perform better without the bung fitted if close to the wall or corners it may be better to leave them in. Cheers Gonzo.
thanks for the quick reply gonzo

Yup, looks like that is what i am going to have to do to get this light grey sponge stuff out, i just didn't want to go ripping away at it when it turns out to be attatched! hehe
You should still be careful as there is an equal chance that it is part of the lining of the speaker!

It would make sense to construct the port bungs out of the same material as used inside. You'll just have to try it - it should become evident very quickly if it's attached inside.
This seemed like a good place to ask a very stupid question! Do port bungs increase or reduce bass response? I have Q5's which come with 2 bungs one for the rear and the other for the front.

My speakers are close to the wall in the corners and I get a lot of base so reduction is what I'm after. I know I could just try but am feeling very lazy at the moment.

Thanks for any help.
I have Q5's and have the rear bung in, pardon the expression, but the fronts are open. They are too boomy with the rear bungs out. This could be down to there position though in the corner. I am upgrading the House soon with a new front window and this will give more space for the telly and speakers.
Contar, or anyone, do you have a picture of the KEF port bungs?

I look in the back on this speaker and i see white wadding but Im starting to think it's not removable and not the bung (tho i can't reach it to tell)
Hi Fade
If its white wadding it isnt the bungs it will be the inside wall of the speaker.
Cheers Gonzo.

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