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    Well I picked them up yesterday, dropped them off at home and went back to work (unfortunately :D). I got back and had a play to make sure they work etc. I tried some CDs first which sounded pretty good but the bass was slow I think (due to needing to be run in I assume, I hope :) )
    I then tried R2 version of Blade at the beginning (at the meat factory club thing) to see how the KEFs handled that. Well I was a bit disappointed to be honest. I don't think its the KEFs but rather my Yamaha A5 amp. It seems there is little Bass being routed to the fronts (I have set it to route to Main and also tried the setting to Both) but it still seems to be a little thin on the ground for Bass. I then got out my copy of the Blade soundtrack and found that particular song and all was ok.
    This perhaps may be the wrong section but is my amp at fault here or is it the DVD?
    I only had 20 odd mins to play around with the speakers yesterday but I will try other DVDs within the next week (Star Wars Ep1 and True Lies being purchased next week).
    Could someone who has Blade R2 along with KEF Q speakers possibly check this out, and let me know the amp you use as well :) I'm tempted to go for a Denon 3802 at some point but I still need to pick up the KEF 95c yet and a new TV.
    One other thing if the centre and rears are set to small with the fronts to large and bass to main should all Bass then be routed to the fronts ?

    cheers for any help you may be able to give me.

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