Kef Q5 impression - KEF Q5 x DM 309?




I just bought a pair of Kef Q5 + a pair of Q1(rear) + Q6C. I found them supperb, good brightness, super wooffer. I just found that in some musics like Hothel California(Hell freezes over) the bass has a distortion in in high volume. Is it normal?
I´m using a Denon AVR 2802 and I noted that due to difference of timbre btween q5 and my old JBL LXE 550, when I put both working together, the result is better if Q5 works alone. Is it due to the level of two chanels working together?

Has anyone compared the q5 with New Bew DM 309 or DM 603?

I can't answer your question re the Kefs in comparison to the DMs, but I can tell you that the Kef 165mm Uni Q driver already has a good deal of bass. My Q35.2s sound fantastic in my lounge, which is about 4 metres by 5, but when they are in my study, which is only about 2 by 2, the bass sets up standing waves which resonate at any real volume making things sound poor.
the bass has a distortion in in high volume. Is it normal?
It is very likely that the same thing is happening. Bigger is not always better. Try an experiment in stereo only, (you could use the 2 channel sound trake on Hell Freezes Over). At a decent volume, use the Q1s on the front then compare them against the Q5s. This will give you an indication of how much bass your room can handle. You may well be better of with Q1s all round plus a sub?




Before reading your e-mail, I did exactly what you suggested.
Conecting in stereo mode, I put Q5 in channel A and Q1 in channel B.
As result I noticed that what is missing to my system is Punch(accoustic power)adequated to my room. When I used both loudspeaker together, I noticed the environment was envolved with a clear sound I´ve never heard. My Home theater is in a room of 75 m2. But the reserved space for it is 25 m2. The sofa is 4 m far from the front speakers.
I have the `velvelt sound` I was looking for with decent volume. I have similar result with high volume if I use Q5s individually but the quality is better with both working together.

Now I have a doubt: if my problem is accoustic power, woldn´t be better to my case, change the Q5 to Q7, or should be a good choice to buy another pair of Q1s to offer add drivers to the environment and fill up the room with supperb sound even with low volume? The price is the same. The question is about the result??

Thanks a lot for your opinion
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