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I have a question about KEF speakers. It is my impression that a lot of you people have experiences with this brand.

I have bought a couple of KEF Q4 and a KEF Q6c center. I need two satellites as rear speakers but what kind!? I am going nuts since I can´t find any suitable. I am suffering under a heavy WAF. :c) The Q4s required a display of massive amounts of compliments and flowers but with the rearspeakers she is showing no mercy. ;-) They HAVE to be satellites AND in silver.

Please ohh please help me. :)

I live in Denmark so what I need is:

A place to buy two satellitespeakers in silver/grey finish (as small as possible) and matching stands online. (Or a shop in inner London since I am there on holiday in a month or two.)

I am by no means an expert but I know it is important to "match" your speakers in order to have a well balanced system. Therefore I´ve been thinking about buying KEF 2005.2 eggs. Is it possible to buy two single eggs with stands? (And is it even a good idea?). I would much rather buy stands which can be adjusted in height.

I am going to pair the speakers with a Yamaha RX-V440.

Any suggestions?


Ian J

It isn't as important that the rears match the fronts as it is to have a near identical front three speakers and I think that a few people here are using the KEF eggs as rears with the Q range at the front.

The 2005.2 eggs are voiced similarly to the Q range so they should be OK


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For WAF (and sofa postion) reasons I have Mission FS1's across the rear with Kef Q5's and Q9c at the front. The main problem here is that you need the mission sub wired in for the rears (I use a Q150EMkII for LFE and High level with L & R).

I have ended up switching off the Mission sub when watching tele as it was switching off on its own (SACD and DVD is fine).

This said, if you have the space I would go for the eggs.


Thanks for the info!

I´m looking for some info on the Missions right now but I think the stands look rather bulky. The ideal rear for me would be KEF eggsized or smaller with an adjustable stand.

I would very much like to hear from someone whether or not it is possible to buy JUST two eggs* and not a complete kit from an online retailer or a specific shop in London.

Maybe someone who has Qsomething speakers front and eggs rear would share some experiences?

The Q8s wouldn´t last ten minutes WAF-wise. ;-) Been there - thought that - got horribly rejected. :-|

(* or alternatives!)


Ahhh you bas****! ;-)

I actually thought someone was able to help me out when I saw that the thread had a new entry. :-(

But maybe you are right. :c)


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You may struggle to find somewhere that will deliver eggs. Several retailers with web stock them individually, but due to Kef's rules, they can only sell them in-store.

Have you tried your local Kef stockists (Audio-T, B&B, etc)? I should think they will be able to get hold of individual eggs for you, probably around £100 each.

Failing that, your could take a look at the Superfi web site:
They have a store in Camden, and have the eggs on the web site. I've never used them, so can't vouch for them.

Or take a look on ebay - there seem to be quite a few KHT 2001 eggs on there (not the mk2 though).



Thanks balders

One important thing to notice from my first post: I live in Denmark :)

I have tried ebay but everyone only ships to the UK. The similar danish services does not have any eggs available.

In Denmark there is only one retailer (chain) selling KEF speakers. Stupid really, but thats the way it is. That´s where I bought my Q4s but they only sell eggs in 5.1 packages. I know KEF has put up barbed wire around themselves regarding sales online and I absolutely hate it! :) Just sell me the damn speakers as single eggs with stands so I can get on with my life. :-c)

The shops you mention could just as well be ketchup brands to me. Never heard of them. My only chance of buying in a "real" store is in inner London on my next trip there.

Superfi: "What if I live outside of the UK & Ireland?
Currently we do not accept orders from outside of the UK and Ireland."

But there is a Superfi shop in Camden High Street, London so I might try that unless I find something better.

Right now I am checking out the different Canton brand speakers since there are a lot of small ones among them. I haven´t got the faintest idea idea how they sound so I might be shooting myself in the foot.


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As you're going to be in inner London, you could try Sevenoaks hifi, who have a branch in Holburn (

It might be worth giving them a call and seeing if they can get some in ready for when you're in town. Other Sevenoaks stores I've been in have always been very helpful,.

I'm sure there are many other stockists in inner London - it's just a case of finding them!

The Canton's have a pretty good reputation on these forums, but I would expect the eggs to be a better match for your existing kit.

Good luck,


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