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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by mhesse, Apr 6, 2001.

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    I have the following setup
    Panasonic 32' Tau 100mHz
    Sony SDB 930 Amp
    Grundig 210A DVD
    Front Tannoy shelf (about 8 years old)
    Tannoy Mercury centre
    Small Missions as rears (also 8 years old)
    Tannoy Bass

    I have an old NAD 30 watt RMS amp and 5 Sony
    CD player (also about 8 years) just standing
    from when I bought the Sony AV amp and DVD
    Sony. I was thinking of setting the NAD and
    Sony CD in my bedroom. I have been offered
    a pair KEF Q35 speakers for £170. I though
    of using these as fronts and putting my
    current Tannoys back with my NAD in my bedroom.

    Any comments? Good Buy?
  2. Guest

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    My Q35's are nearly three years old and they've been excellent. I've used them with Rotel (big integrated, 100w RMS) and Arcam (90W RMS) amplifiers and they sound good with both.

    Not too sure about the price though. Mine were £280 back in 98 (listed at £350). If they're still available on sell-off somewhere I'd bet you could pick them up new for £200 or maybe less. Maybe will have some.

    Maybe you could haggle ! ;)


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