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flat spot

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I've aquired some kef q30's. I'd guess they're a few years old now, but not sure. Has anyone had any experience or opinions on these??


flat spot,

From what I can remember they were ok as an AV speaker as they were shieilded.

The main complaint from them was always the bass response or lack of it - what bass they did have was always a bit muddy.

A lot of the initial problems from the Q30s were rectified in the Q35 which were an improvement.

All in the're an ok speaker using Kefs uni-q driver and a typical kef characteristic of fairly warm, smooth but possibly a bit shut in sounding.

Hope this helps.

flat spot

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Yeah thanks. I have all the cresta range but was given a pair of these for free. I'd expected them to be much older than mine.
Having listened to them I think overall not to bad. Actually more bass than the cresta's but not much.:rolleyes:

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