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Kef Q30 with PW9617 what an improvement, but buzzing rear speakers

Discussion in 'TVs' started by matblack, Jul 31, 2003.

  1. matblack

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    Jul 30, 2003
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    I decided to have a play around tonight rigging up the front out put on my TV to my audio (Marrantz) amp and my usual audio speakers (KEF Q30's). The improvement was dramatic, I've looked at some older threads raving about the sound quality of this TV but the KEF really made a difference to the sound. :D

    I'm going to keep switching between the two for a while but it has improved the sound stage. :cool:

    The other thing I would like to do is replace the rears. The wireless jobs that come with the TV are really annoying me, the one with the transformer buzzes like a very large fly and to be honest the non active one feels a bit light and can't have a great driver, can it? :confused:

    Anyone got any suggestions to stop the buzzing before I am forced to buy a proper AV amp and a set of small KEFs, in which case I might as well get a KEF centre and turn off the TV sound altogether :confused: Will a small stand stop the buzzing? Or screwing the thing to a wall? or even putting it on a cushion anything to lose the big fly which is hanging about behind my armchair. Actuallly I suppose I could stash it behind the wifes chair and swap the switch over ;) Hmmmm think I'll try that she said she noticed it when I pointed it out but it didn't really bother her, let see how she feels about it behind her chair!

    Any ideas for hushing the buzz before she notices the switch

    (Oh, the speaker is sat on a pine boarded floor which I suspect implifies the noise!)


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