Question KEF Q100 wiring

Ian PeterJones

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Bit of a newbie to new kit (had my Wharfedale speakers since 1991) so now I am baffled/concerned about all the wiring terminals on my new KEF speakers.
Why are there low-frequency and/or high-frequency terminals and which should I choose?
Also what do the link knobs do?

Thanks for the advice.


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There should be a jumper bar between the terminal shorting them together. Though some speakers use internal switches.

Assuming those Jumper Bars are in place, it doesn't really matter which you use, just use one RED and one BLACK, and it will work fine.

The speaker has 4 terminals you can can Bi-Wire or Bi-Amp. Though many would question the worth of doing either. Mostly it is just a selling feature. One company did it even though it is of little value to common consumer speakers, and others felt compelled to follow suit.

It tends to be one of those features that everyone wants but no one every uses.

It appears that the KEF use switches, make sure those switches are CLOSED, so the HF(+) and LF(+) are connected, and the LF(+) and the LF(-) are connected. See the owner's manual for more details.


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