Bargain KEF Q100 or Tannoy Eclipse 3


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Hello everyone!

I'm looking for a new pair of speakers and I need quick advice and, of course, some opinions regarding this two options: KEF Q100 & Tannoy Eclipse 3. Sale price is in my budget - 200 pounds.

What do I use now: Epoz Aktimate Mini+, NAD DAC 2, QED interconnect and speaker cables. I have an Onkyo A-9155 amplifier to pair with the passive speakers (for now - i will upgrade the amplifier next year). And my room has 25 sq meter and it's almost a square room with furniture, sofa and carpets.

I'm looking for a much better sound then Mini+, with a better bass respons but refined, not overwhelming, better imaging and soundstage. I'll use the system only in stereo and I don't want to add a sub. I listen to all tipes of music genres in flac or streaming services, from classic rock to jazz and electronic music.

What do you think? I know, there are very different speakers, but i can't do an audition in my country, so I basicaly rely on your opinion. Perhaps you have heard how these speakers sound.

Thanks a lot!
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