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Hi! I'm new in this forum.

I'm thinking on getting a kef setup 2xQ5+Q9c+2xQ1 without getting a sub until I feel the need for it.

I was going for Q5 and not Q1 as front, because of floorstanding and bass being more consistent, but I haven't listened both same time to compare them. I've read that with Kef serie Q not all bigger models are better than Q1.

I'd like to read some opinions on Q5 and Q1 and how they compare. Also, Is there a hard need for sub?

I own Pioneer 444, Onkyo RS600, and I'll use 50% films/music

Thanks for all your help
I´d say a sub is an absolute must. Most floorstanding speakers cannot produce the low end bass that a decent sub can. The Kef Q1´s are very good speakers and you may find these, paired with a good sub, will give you decent performance. I´ve not heard the Q5´s though so can´t comment about them.
I would go either all Q1s (4) + Q9c and sub or even better all Q1s (5) and sub. I think this will give you the best sound for your money. The difference between the Q5 and Q1 is relative small in bass extension terms and is totally swamped by what a sub can do. Many of us actually prefer the Q1s anyway (better control of other frequencies) but you do need to factor in stands to the equation.
Personally I have three pairs of Q1's + SVS 20-39 PC+ Sub in a 6.1 setup. I am very happy with my system.

I am planning to purchase another pair of Q1's for a 7.1 setup.

They are truelly wonderfull in both surround movies and in Stereo Music.

A word of warning about KEF subs. I initially bought the Q1's with a PS1000 KEF sub. The sub was awful. I later checked the specs and found that the Q1's extend to 45 Hz and the Sub to 40 Hz only :confused: . So It is really useless.

My recommendation is get the Q1's with a decent sub, and do not look back.
Thank you for your views.

I'm currently looking for a sub. I guess something like the velodynes CHT-10 would be ok for my setup, but it's being somewhat dificult to find them in Spain.

Any other sub recomendations around 400-500 € ?

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