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Hi folks, Jacopo here,
I've been reading lots of great discussions over this forum and thought I'd pin a question to understand better a few characteristics of the following set up / speakers. Q750/950 + Q650 or SVS Prime Pinnacle + Ultra Center. The rear speakers aren't a big concern at the moment, nor is the Sub and AVR as I already purchased them (snatched the last items in stock before a 2-3 months drought).

Little back-story; I'm building a 5:1 set up for 50/50 films and music in our main living room (WxD = 7.5x5.5m). The room isn't exactly enclosed. It opens onto the kitchen on the right, with a staircase on the left. As said, I've already purchased an AV receiver (Denon AVR-X2700H) and a Sub (SVS PB-1000, despite my wife - and I - being preoccupied about where we will be able to fit it all in and what the device will do to our dog on action-movie nights. My budget runs around AED14-16000 (USD3800-4300) and I've already spent AED5320 (USD1450) on the AVR and Sub. SVS floor-standings go for USD1790 while Q750 for USD1500.

I live in Dubai where there are basically 3 stores from which we can purchase high quality speakers for home theaters. Plus, being out here the choice and stock limited, I've reduced my research to 2 brands, and specifically these model series. I did go out and listen to the Q750 & Q950 paired with Q650, and the Prime Pinnacle paired with a Klipsch center speaker (not sure why but that was the set up at the store). I only tried the set ups for music, and was equally impressed by both, for different reasons. Every other time I went back to the other model (different store), I would feel the previous one sounded better - how's that for clarification by listening...

So I would like to ask you guys for some advice about qualifying the natural (not modified) sound of the speakers without marketing-driven terms, and perhaps with some tech-knowledge behind it, just to understand the basics and what each speaker set-up could be best fo, and perhaps if there's any software configuration that could improve the lacking areas of the 2 systems.

These are my considerations so far:

KEF Q950:
1. Too big for our house to be honest (it's a big drawback).
2. Sounded great and expansive, filled the room at the store with ease at standing height too.
3. Clear and a good separation of sounds (as if I was in a void and could distinguish instruments and frequencies on their own (same for the Q750).
4. Point 3 was also the drawback, that space that helped qualifying certain sounds, took away some "body" of the frequencies, possibly stripping them away from a character that could be impactful for some genres (Funk, disco, rock).
5. Possible lacking some mid range frequencies (guitars/voices/piano/

KEF Q750:
1. Relatively small and with great clear sound.
2. Points 3 and 4 from above.
3. Lacked a bit of projection above their height (making it possible unpleasant for people standing around -at a gathering let's say- in the room to listen to the music coming from below their chest?)
4. Good bass (Can only imagine with the PB-1000 what beast of a sound can be put together)

SVS Prime Pinnacle:
1. Similar size as Q750
2. Similar price to Q950
3. Great sound with a strong bass straight from the 2 speakers
4. Impactful and tighter projection of sounds, compared to the "Spacious" projection of the KEFs
5. Potentially lacking the clarity of the KEFs?

I am aware of the Uni-Q drivers present in the Q series and how they aid uniform projection and placement, I don't know so much about the SVS tech, but I was strongly impressed by their sound.

Last note is reasons for buying. It's about time honestly, I spent so much money already to further my filmmaking career, and sometimes in lenses I have only used a few times. This is an overdue life upgrade for the part of my body which has been neglected the longest, my ears. Happy ears, happy soul. We play music from spotify, flac files, vinyl. The music genres that rock our house are: funk, disco, hip hop, soul, jazz, prog rock, 80s electro, by artists like Parliament, War, Billy Cobham, Can, The Clash, The Doors, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Steely Dan, Todd Terje, QOTSA, Roy Ayers Ubiquity, Tim Maia, Yo la Tengo, Fleetwood Mac, Air, Aphex Twin, Dr John and so on. Getting all these genres on point is hard but perhaps someone can shed some light on what the advantages of each set up could be. Movie wise, we like good writing with clear dialogs and soundtracks.

Hope this isn't a tedious and too long of a post. I'm going back this week to give them another listen with the same tracks to see if I can spot the differences and swerve towards each. Unfortunately out here they do not let you demo nothing, returning is a no-go, and with warranty being a must I'd rather stick to stores I can actually visit rather than scouting for rather obscure international shipping websites. I have read the Revel Concerta2 F36 are a killer choice that would outclass the above speakers on almost all counts at a not so bigger price, but I just can't get it here so no point to grind my teeth on it.

I appreciate any reply or advice,

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