Kef Q series vs Mission M7's


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Oct 12, 2002
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My first post so hello all :)

After a few years out I am looking to aquire a HC system and have pretty much decided on on a Yamaha 630/520 combo. The problem (as always) is speaker choice. A music/movie 50:50 ratio pretty much determines 'proper' speakers as oposed to sats and subs (certainly at my budget) and I can't decide on a Mission M74/M7C2/M7DS or a Kef Q5/Q8S/Q9C(very wife friendly). Its all very nice having demos but from past experience speakers sound totally different in your own room so I thought it best to ask you guys if anyone uses a similar setup any opinions that may help. Just a little worried the Kefs may need better electronics to be worth spending the extra money on.
Thx for any feedback
! Welcome to the Forums !

I think the KEF Q sound alot more refined than the Missions, But if you like forward sound, go for the missions.

It is also worth try different brands. Go to you local hifi store. If you are lucky enough to have several hifi store go to them all and try as many speakers as you can. That is the only way you can really find the speakers for you. I was in the same dilemma when i was picking some speakers for my Stereo setup. I decided on the B&W 602(also worth trying). I love the Tannoy R3/2/1s, they look great, and are also very wife friendly.

I agree that the speakers never sound the same as when you demo them, but it does give you an idea of how the speakers perform. Plus Demos in hifi stores are always better than other people opinions.
Ian, you are SOOO sarcastic. Or you have a very dry sence of humour.

either way, im not amused
I am not sure whether he has sold them yet but dAvE6 was selling a pair of as-new B&W 603 s3's last month - he wanted about £350 for them.

Great speakers, especially for "dual-role" usage. Plus they look absolutely gorgeous. :cool:

From past experiance of a pair of DM602 S2's the B&W sound, or rather the treble presentation, is a little too laid back for me. Thx anyway :) Not heard enough of Kef speakers to judge; the Q series are almost worth buying on looks alone although in the past I have always been a Mission fan. Nowadays buying speakers will be more a joint thing so getting the looks/performance formula right is kinda tricky.
Can't comment on the new Kef's but I chose the Kef Q15's over some Mission's and a couple of others. I was also surprised at how easy the decision was. For me the Kef's sounded brighter and clearer, and had better separation. They also seemed to sound better in my living room than they did in the listening room!

I would guess (and I am prepared to be corrected here!) that speakers would sound a tad less brighter at home because there are usually more soft furnishings.
The KEF's were my choice, I will be using Q1's for front/centre/rears and the new Q2DS for sides. You should be able to get a demo from the Preston branch of Practical HI-FI.

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