Kef PSW2010 - working ... not working ... working .. not working


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I've got an intermittent problem with my PSW2010 sub not working. I've read that others have had the sub fail, and it was fixed by replacing a fault board, but in all cases, it seems that the sub just stopped, and didn't start again. I was wondering whether anyone had experienced this behaviour intermittently, and if so, was it fixed in the same way.

The problem is that there was no output from the sub. The green light was on (so it's getting a signal), input level is turned up, but there was absolutely no movement in the speaker. I fiddled with all the buttons for an hour or two, tried various CDs, DVDs, turned it off, then on again, etc but couldn't get it working. I also noticed that there was no relay 'click' when I turned it on.

A couple of days later I turned it on again, and it worked fine.

And then two days ago, put a CD on, and the sub again had no output (but green light on). More fiddling, but still no output. Left it alone and went to bed.

I got home yesteday, switched everything on, and there's the sub pumping out it's bass.

The only other noteworthy event is that a few weeks ago, I thought I heard it give a 'pop', but it was still working fine, so I put it down to my imagination.

I was planning to take it back for repair this weekend, but with it working OK, it's a bit difficult to reproduce the fault.




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Hi :) this sounds exactly like what my PSW2010 was doing after its first failure popping and thumping, eventually I could not get any power to it. Luckily I had it insured and it was fixed.

However last November it went again, same symptoms but something blew this time round as there was a strong burnt electrical smell coming from it, it still had the green and red LEDS to show power was going to it but no sound what-so-ever. It has now been written off. :thumbsup: Just deciding what to replace it with now.


Go get it fixed, before it does something else. :rolleyes:
Check the rca-cable too if it's loose or broken.


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Thanks for replying - sounds like I'm not alone then.

It's gone again now, so it's off to the repair shop tomorrow. I'm told it's all covered by the 5 yr warranty, so no worries there.


Regarding the RCS cable, I'd assumed that if the light was turning green then this implied that a signal was being received. If the RCA cable was damaged, and the green light still coming on, wouldn't I still be getting some output (on the theory that there must be something coming through to activate the sub)?




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My PSW2010 packed up over the Christmas holidays and was repaired by Sevenoaks (who even loaned me one whilst the repair was ongoing :smashin: )

Since it's return, something just didn't sound quite right, and i put it down to burning in the new Amp board. I've even painted up a 25Kg weight which happily lives on top and tightened up the Bass and stopped room boom a little.

I've just gone through the ritual of tightening the driver screws when one of them just kept turning instead of tightening up. When the driver was pushed, an awful rush of aircame around the loose screw.

I've just spent 10 mins opening up the sub by removing the Amp board, and plastic box in which it lives. The metal retaining nut that should have been on the other end of the screw to tighten the driver was living on the Magnet. The wadding was all displaced, and the draught excluder that should have sealed the main chamber from the Amp chamber was also misplaced. I was also quite suprised at how ill fitting the spade connectors were from Amp to Speaker. I'm wondering whether i'd get better contact soldering them in place? (Maybe these being loose could give Green LED on but no sound intermittantly)

Hopefully some of these repair's may have resolved the issue of "NOT QUITE RIGHT", and i might have my old sounding Sub Back. :lease:


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While searching the web for info on the KEF PSW800, I read a few posts about the PSU on KEF subs not being the greatest and dying.

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