Kef psw1000 sub repaired cheaply!


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I recently purchased a second hand a Kef PSW1000 sub knowing it had a slight problem.

Specifically it rumbled like a boiling electric kettle on switch on for a few minutes but then settled down and performed excellently wihout any further ado.

However a few weeks later, the sub would start to rumble continously and so it needed a repair.

A phone call to Kef in Maidstone, specifically to Dan Fowler on 01622 766667, brought the welcome news that if I removed the amp module (eight screws) and disconnected the speaker wire (two plugs), the unit could be sent for repair to them.

As it was out of warranty the repair would cost £50 to include VAT and return postage. A bargain as Unilet quoted me £110 for the same repair.

In the event I drove down and Dan got the repair done in 20 mins, well impressed.

So the news is that if you have a Kef sub, particularly a PSW2000 that likes to blow fuses, there is a simple remedy thatll restore it , rather giving than it away on Ebay!

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