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hi guys, now i know all your lot know about second hand prices and equipment. so i'm about to get a pio 434, i need some speakers and av amp.

1. ) a guy is offering me the KEF 2005.1 (MK1) speaker package for £350, is this a good price?

2.) which av amp is the best to use with the kefs?, range 0-£350 tops.. i've heard ppl using the denon 3803, however its out of my price range.. please HELP!:smashin:


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£350 for the Mk1 package sounds reasonable, depending on it's ago and condition.

Suitable amps for the eggs include Yam 640, Denon 1804, Pioneer 812, all of which can be had for less than £300 (new). Or if you wanted to spend more, the Denon 2803 is supposed to be very good, but probably out of your range unless you buy second hand.



well, the guy is going to show me the sound quality by hooking it all up, he also has the box and says he's had them for 18 months. at 350 are they a good bargain since the 2005.2 are out now too?

oh yes, i've tried ebay and cant really find the amps you've mentioned there. Are there any other sources i can use to buy second had amps, and should i be looking out for a particular output from the amps, ie. 80 watts per channel.. etc..

all comments welcome guys.. :blush:


for just a bit more than you're budget you could pick up a AVR3802 which was almost as good as it's replacement.


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£350 for the 2005.1 MK1's is a great deal, just bought mine (second hand) for around that price, excellent buy!

Using it with a Sony STR-DB940(Discontinued), sounds very nice to my ears :D

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