KEF LS50 wireless vs Naim Uniti Atom with B&W 685


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Hi all,

I am looking at setting up a modernised stereo set up, I already have B&W 685 speakers. My main music source will be Spotify or if I can get a system to justify the quality, then Tidal hi fi subscription. Which set up would you think would sound better in an open plan area:

1. KEF LS50 wireless speakers


2. Naim Uniti Atom to use with my B&W 685s

Both of the above options would cost the same as they are approx £2000, I don't mind not using the B&Ws if the LS50s sound better.

Another important criteria for this system is that it has to be easy to use. I would like to use my google home to start music playing from the speakers and I would like to be able to play music from the speakers directly from the music app. My concern about having too many separates, e.g. stream, amp and then speakers, is that it may not be so streamlined.

Look forward to reading your opinions.

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