KEF LS50 Meta + Audiolab 6000A missing the mark


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Just wanted to chime in and give my opinion and findings on the 6000A.

I am currently in the market for a new amp and today I tested both the Rega io and Audiolab 6000a. I've been A/Bing it all day and my conclusion is that even though the 6000A sounds more balanced and in control then the Rega, at the same time this makes music sound boring to me..

The Rega sounds more gritty and less in control then the Audiolab, it is a way more fun and toe tipping listening experience for me. The 6000A keeps whatever I throw at it in a headlock and makes sure it doesn't do anything crazy. It's super clinical.

So I'm pretty sure it's not the lack of base or power that you are missing, it's just the clean and clinical sound you don't (just like me) like.


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Hi Danny, that's really interesting, thanks.

As it happens, I was able to take the LS50 Metas to my Dad's flat recently and try them with his big 1980's Luxman. Exactly as you say, it wasn't as clean as the Audiolab - is anything? - but it grabbed the KEFs by the scruff of the neck and made them boogie.

For anyone who's interested, I decided to send the REL T5i back, and not because it wasn't a great piece of kit. An analogy would be, you've run out of bread and milk and the other half only comes home with cheese, and you're like, "Great now we have cheese, but we still need bread and milk."

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