KEF KHT8005 or 7005?


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I'm unable to get anywhere to compare but has anyone had any experience of the two speaker sets?

I've found the 7005 for £350 and after been done over by Sevenoaks on the 8005's at £400 have found them elsewhere at £500.

I'll be using a Pioneer 2020.....are the 8005's worth the extra outlay?



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I did mate, ended up paying £600 I think.

They obviously lack the punch of my previous (wharfdale floor standers) but for the size I really can't complain.

Missus loves them as they're neat and with the sub it has a decent range. If you're just watching TV/Films/Sport etc you seriously can't go wrong.

Music is hit and miss but I'd recommend them to anybody looking for a decent sound but not wanting the space took up by fs.


Cool thanks

Been looking at the 7005 for the bedroom, and then using the satellites for rear speakers with my mission m35i floorstanding in my main setup


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