Kef KHT5005 Vs B&W MT-20. My thoughts.

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by conkerman, Oct 24, 2005.

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    Just come back from auditioning the above sub-sat systems and thought i'd let you know what I thought.

    Both of these sytems were actually pretty good and were a fair bit better than I expected I suppose its a good position to be in to have a grand burning a hole in the pocket.

    My criteria for this purchase were

    Good sound quality with movies and music.
    Small manageable sattelites that can be easily wall mounted.
    A sub that ca be neatly hidden behind stuff :)

    So then, my thoughts...

    Kef KHT5005.

    These look good, I was pretty impressed with their musical performance, although with movies I thought that they were a bit forthright for my tastes, slightly excessive treble that I would probably find tiring on extended listening. I was told by the bloke in the shop that the Kef's have been well run in so they probably would not calm down with use.
    I used Batman begins and wlecome to the monkey house by the Dandy warhols as my demo discs! Music performance was pretty good.

    Will look the business on the wall next to the telly but the sub was very big.

    Overall, good, but a little boom-tizz for me, so on to the B&W MT-20

    Visually I don't think these are as elegant as the Kef's. But the weight of the sat cabinets suggest good build. I like the mounting system and the clever cable management that these have, shows a lot of thought has gone into the overall design of the speakers.

    Ok so we fire up Batman begins, and I have to admit that the B&W system was a much smoother proposition, I think smmoth was the best way I could describe these, and that is just what I like :)
    Still amazed with the amount of noise these little boxes seemed to make :)

    So did I put my money where my mouth is?? Yes indeedy :clap: set Of B&W's in gloss black!

    Should be arriving at the end of the week.

    Will keep you informed.


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