KEF KHT5005.2 wall bracket problem


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Having a frustrating time trying to connect my KEF 5001.2's to their wall brakets.
The grub screws seem to be too short - even with the sprung washers removed I don't seem to be able to get the threads to 'bite'.

Anyone else had this probem and got any suggestions?

The centre speaker's not too clever pointing at the floor!:(


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You could take a screw to your local diy/hardware store and see if they have any longer ones. I also think maplins do grub screws. Good luck.


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Ahh interesting point!.....Cant believe this! Spend over a grand on speakers and they skimp out on screws. Like lincolnatkins says I would get down to Maplins and get some suitable longer ones. Take the originals as they can usually match them - depending who speak with!

Also I would get in touch with Kef. They should be able to send you some replace ment screws - ask to speak with customer care. they shouldnt ask u to go back to the dealer.

Once they are on the walls how much can you turn the speakers for pointing in the right direction? I imagine not 180 degrees? I will be reall cheaky and ask for a pic of when u have them up!


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....and there was me hoping the kit was ok and I was doing something stupid:(

Sent KEF an e-mail over the w/e and will follow up with a phone call tomorrow.
As for price, I paid less than a grand so don't feel completely tucked up although substandard fittings is rather annoying.

I've set the speakers up and can confirm good coverage, probably 150 degrees - not sure why you'd want 180:confused:

Picture attached - don't read too much into Colin Jackson having a massage on tonights Holiday prog tho!

Centre currently propped up on a photo frame - classy;)



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Thanks lincolnatkins!

Thats a pretty good price for the 5005.2 if they were less then a grand1! Tell me where!

Basically Im trying to find some good speakers which will fit nicley inside a bay window. The way the 3005 bracket is wont look good to were they would go.........

Hence an option is the 5005.2. I take it the reason for only 150 degrees is that the speaker would hit the wall at this point?

I would be fitg them on the inside of a bay window. Could get away with a small piece of MDF on the brack to give that extra angle.........i think a trip down the dealer is in order.

Thanks for the pic...... I think you have the 2307 also?


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Where did you get your speakers from mate?


As for the centre speaker, make sure the wall mount shaft is tightening with the weight of the speaker.
(slide the speaker onto it from left to right).
I Installed one of these systems a while ago and found that the weight of the centre speaker kept undoing the bracket assembly.
Called KEF and was told I needed to turn the wall bracket through 180 degrees.
They emailed me an amended manual showing the correct orientation.



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Thanks. I'll give that a go. It still seems to be a problem on the vertical mounted speakers but I've had some dialogue with KEF who are hopefully now on the case.


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:clap: Success at last!!!

After numerous email exchanges with KEF, a new set of grub screws (requested longer ones, they sent same length ones), being told to remove the bottom split washer (no difference, PERLEASE send me some longer screws before I go round the twist), they milled me some new mounting pins and bingo.

All is now well - results attached - the self supporting centre is ace :smashin:


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Maybe a silly question but why didn't you have the right front speaker the other side of the door. That way it would be the same sort of distance from the screen to the left front.

Just a thought:rolleyes:


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1. Fits the space better rather than being all squashed up
2. The seating area is the full width of the opposite wall, 6m away and the system has been set up with the Denon mic
3. Speakers used for music also
4. I like it like that, so there:devil:


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Thanks. I'll give that a go. It still seems to be a problem on the vertical mounted speakers but I've had some dialogue with KEF who are hopefully now on the case.

hi mate, i'm having exactly the same problem with my centre speaker and have mounted the bracket as stated in the manual. Basically the centre slowly points to the floor after a few days. i will get in touch with KEF re this as well. thanks for your post.

kind regards,

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