KEF KHT300SE 5.1 sub question


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Hi all,

I'm thinking of getting the above speakers. However, I was just looking at the sub and it seems that the sub only has 1 cable connection (The LFE).

Speaking to someone at work who has a set of B&W ones they seem to suggest without the additional L and R sub connections I wont get any bass when just listening to stereo - That kind of makes sense, but can someone confirm the KEF sub only has 1 connection?


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When you set up the AV receiver the speakers will be set to small and a suitable crossover applied. This will still be in place even if you listen in stereo mode. Hence the bass frequencies will still be directed to the sub via the single cable as it is when watching movies in surround sound. Hence you will still have the bass frequencies.
However, I would say there is not a lot of benefit listening in a pure or direct mode with sub/sat systems anyway but even if you did you would still have the bass directed to the sub.


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Hello, The Sub you get with this packages is the HTB2. Which does only have 1 RCA or Phono connection. This is due to the sub being a MONO channel i.e. single speaker & not paired.

All you will need is the 1 RCA to it & yes you will be able to have Bass when playing stereo, all you will need to do is set up the amp so that the mid bass frequency cross over point between the sub & speakers blend nicely. see here**. Other wise you'll have your speakers kicking out higher frequency of bass then a dead spot in the middle where nothing is kicking that your sub at much lower frequencies.

Alternatively you could set up the Sub to handle & let the speakers just to the High & mid range.

**The satellite speakers have a Frequency Response (+/-3dB) 70Hz - 55kHz. i would probable set up the sub to kick in at 80Hz, thus ensuring that the high frequencies are done by the satellites then there is a nice smooth transition range (10hz between 70 - 80) in which the speakers can stop producing the frequencies & the sub can take over.


steve k

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thanks for this reply i have just purchest this set of speakers and woundered what was the best setting for the sub was

You answered the question for me thanx :thumbsup:
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