Kef KHT3005SE system versus Anthony Gallo Nucleus Micro Ti


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What a problem!
While waiting for a dealer to give me a time and date to audition the Anthony Gallo Nucleus Micro Ti 'speakers - £875 for five satellites with no subwoofer - I saw on the forums tonight that Hi-Fix are selling the Kef KHT 3005SE system (four surround satellites, dedicated centre unit and a 250-watt sub) for just £729.
I had already decided that, if I liked the sound of the Micro Ti 'speakers, they would be the ones to buy, but...
How can I justify buying the AG "spheres" when the Kefs are now available at such an unbelievably cheap price?
No answers, please, on a postcard!
Seriously, if somewhere out there can give me a few good reasons why I should buy one particular system instead of the other I'd appreciate it. Whether that'll make the decision-making process any easier is another matter, of course. On the other hand, there are four fingers and a thumb!
Steve, East Riding of Yorkshire.

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