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Mar 1, 2004
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I am a newbie to home cinema but I recently purchased the kef kht2005.2, I would like help on matching interconnects and speaker cable for this system, advance warning I had to save up for ages to buy these puppies upgraded from mission fs2av which were phab to and I am not loaded so a resonable cable that would do the trick would we welcomed along with any url's
Take a look at the thread

"What speaker cables fo you recomend for my system? "

kef kht2005.2. I have recently purchased these and I phoned Kef who said they use the QED microcable when they demo the package.
i'm using ixos xhs706 gamma geometry cable with mine.
I got it £1.50 a metre. It's hardly discrete, but sounds great.
I can give you the email for it at this price if you want?
they're really good. A bit bigger than i thought, but they sound great. They weigh a ton as well.
I started with the kht 1005 set, and thought they sounded good, but with the 2005's everything seems a lot fuller.
I'd recommend them, especially for the price.
I bought mine(without sub) for £375 brand new, and used the sub from my 1005's as the sub that came with the 2005's was black and my 1005 sub was silver like the speakers.
Isn't the QED Micro cable a bit thin ?

What would the difference be between the Micro and the QED Original with the KEFs ?
Anyone know ?
Microis exactly half the diameter of a similar grade cable. It is Half the price though meaning it is a viable alternative and is excellent for situations where cable needs to be hidden.
Sorry, when I meant thin, I was referring to the number of strands with respect to sound quality.

Particularly for the rear speakers, would there be much difference in sound compared with QED original which is likely to have more strands and better shielding ?

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