Kef KHT 2005.3K2 or Harman Kardon HKTS 30 ?


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Hello and sorry for my english (i'm from Switzerland).

These systems are good for movies. We all know that.

My question is really about music. Especially with an Ipod/Iphone or with a CD. Not from DVD/Bluray.

My room is 16 square-meter (4x4). My actual package is not good enough with music (Sony HTSF1300...). I would like to improve quality for music (and movies of course).

Between these two systems (kef 2005.3 k2 or HKTS 30) which one in your opinion would be the best regarding music (and only music...).

Thank you very much for your help !!!!!


Personally, I would go with the Kef's. Both are superb speakers, but, for me the Kef's just edge it.

Good luck with the purchase.
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