kef kht 2005.2



Can anyone recommend an av receiver that will get the most from kef kht2005.2 speakers and a pair of mission m3i floorstanders.:confused:


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Hi Johhny, i purchased a Pioneer VSX AV2 from Audio-T (ex-display) for a knock down price, set it all up last night and am tottally blown away with the Kef 2005.2's. The amp also has 2 HDMI in/1 out.

Gets the thumbs up from me.

I was going to wait for the new Denon range with the 2307ci in mind, but just could'nt wait.

Just glad that the dilemma is over for me as its a mine field.

Some good advise that will always be echoed on the forum is that is it would be best to listen to different amps set up to the Kef's instead of buying blind!!

Good luck and keep us posted as to what your final decision is and how you get on etc.

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