Kef KHT 1005.2 centre upgrade


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Hi all

About 18months ago I bought a KEF KHT 1005.2 speaker package to go with my system comprising of a Yamaha DSP AX-763, PS3 and a couple of cheap hifi separates. I'm mostly happy with the system but have to say I've never been entirely happy with the performance of the centre speaker in that dialogue sounds thin and 'tinny' on movie soundtracks, less so on games for some reason but still not perfect. If I output the sound as stereo then it sounds better IMHO, but of course totally defeats the object of surround sound! Admittedly my room is a difficult shape to accomodate and I've had to place the front L&R speakers quite a distance apart (1.5 to 2m from the centre). So basically I have 2 questions:

  1. Is there anything I can do with my system set-up to improve the centre perfomance? (I've tried adjusting pretty much every variable on my amp with not one setting change giving any significant improvement)
  2. If I cut my losses and decide to upgrade, should I upgrade the centre only or should I look at upgrading my entire speaker system? If the former does anyone have any good suggestions for a centre that would complement the rest of the system?
Any help would be much appreciated, as I feel I have 90% of a nice starter system, but that last 10% is driving me nuts!



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Anyone? How about I just ask if anyone can advise a decent centre & front pair to upgrade my 1005.2 speakers. I have a budget of around £500-600 and space is at a bit of a premium for the centre. Ideally the fronts should be ok for music and WAF needs to be considered.

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