KEF iQ9 versus iQ7, reviews?



Hi there,

I heard HifiChoice tested the iQ9's. Anybody knows the verdict. I am considering buying the iQ7 or iQ9. Anybody good some good advice which to choose or other speakers recommendations?

I will use them for both stereo as surround.




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Yep, I've tested all three : iq5, iq7 and iq9's

What HiFi loved the iQ5's (product of the year or something) but thought the iQ7's were "just very good" (4 stars rather then five). I'd say that it all depends on how big your room is and at what level you listen to music.

From a tonal point of view, personally, I thought that the iQ5's needed a little driving to produce some bass while the iQ9's were bass heavy until you drove them a little to get a better balance.

I settled on the 7's, very sweet and balanced from a very low level, but if you want you socks shaken or have a large room get the iQ9s. (The 7's do produce bass, but seems to be a little more selective with music - i.e. with indie then need to be driven a little harder)

Best advice would be to find a shop, take a few CD's and listen yourself!


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I have the iQ9's, and I love them :smashin:
My previous fronts were Q5's but one of them was accidently damaged so the insurance company paid to replace them with iQ7's - but after listening to them and the iQ9's I paid the extra for the 9's, because i have a fairly large room. My system is mainly surround, although i've also hooked them up to my older hi fi and was blown away.

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