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jason m

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Thinking of buying a pair of the new KEF iQ5SE speakers.Read rave reviews about them-just wondering if anyone has a pair and if they are really that good.I know they're quite expensive(£400 ish) but I've just brought an Onyko TX SR amp and really want a decent pair of speakers to go with the amp

many thanks


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i demoed a pair with admitantly rather lame music (not mine) but i think they are over rated if i did a blind test with a pair costing half the price i doubt i could tell the difference, this was through one of those rather pioneer amps not a receiver.

ive decided to trial a pair of ms906i's currently at £250 ill let you know what i think.


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I chose the IQ5 as they outperfomed lower priced speakers with ease, have a really good listen and run them in overnight and they sound out of this world, stunning for detail, dynamics and scale.

After run in they have such a rich tuneful bass thats hard to believe is coming from a slim floorstander.


You could try the Monitor Audio BR5's - they're more forgiving of an AV amps audio quality - the KEF's can sound better than the MA's, but you'd need a 2 channel hi-fi amp to appreciate them. Heard them on the end of a Cyrus PreVS2 and an 8 Power pre/power combination - fantastic!


I have the iQ5se's through a Denon 3808 along with the iQ2c, iQ8ds's and PSW 2500. I think they sound great as part in both 5.1 and in 2ch stereo; I often have to remind myself that the sub isn't turned on. I'd never go for style over quality but I do think that as a piece of furniture in the main room of the house the Kef's look the business.

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