Kef IQ5 or Kef IQ7?

Dead Cell

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Hello to all

I just received the Kef IQ5 today from Richers and was wondering if I should return it and get the Kef IQ7?

Is the sound quality better on the IQ7? I know its more powerful but that's not an issue for me as the Kef IQ5 is more than loud enough and I don't listen to music that loud anyway.

I'm thinking more long term rather than short term as I will be upgrading in the future and if the IQ7 are better then I might as well get it now and it should last me a good few years.

Anyone has experience with these? Would appreciate your comments.



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Hi Dead Cell, I bought the iQ7s after listening to both them and the iQ5s. I preferred the overall sound from the iQ7s. You ideally should have a listen to them if you can. Everyone has a different idea of what sounds good. The magazines at the time I bought rubbished the 7s but praised the 5s as the best yet, but having listened to them I went ahead and got them anyway. I have to say I am still impressed by them.


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I've had a look at the specs for the two KEF speakers and there isn't much in it with the IQ7 being slightly more sensitive i.e. given the same amount of amp power may sound louder. It's a marginally larger enclosure which will probably improve the bass end but if you're happy with the sound the IQ5 makes, save your money and put it toward a really good quality amp. As we discussed today on another thread in Hifi Separates, even modest speakers will sound outstandingly good given a high quality, noise free audio stream. You should be well pleased with the sound from the 5s. I'm a KEF fan from way back and they have an enviable reputation. What are you driving them with?


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DeeGee posted his reply as I was writing mine. I've just re-read your earlier post of 6 January and I cannot be stronger in my recommendation over staying with the 5s and redirecting the savings to an amplifier. You told us that you preferred quality over quantity and this is the way to go. I've heard a Creative system - my neighbour has one - which is just OK but feed your KEFs some quality sound when finances allow from a quality UK amp and they'll give you years of pleasure.


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I was considering this also, but after hearing both went for the 5's, the 7's sounded good quality but for me had too much bass, which i dont like atall.

I heard the orignal 5 and the SE version, and for me, the SE was too forward and bassy whereas the original sounded more refined and tuneful.

To top it off, my local HI FI dealer sourced a pair in black which i wanted and i walked away with them for £249.:thumbsup:

Dead Cell

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Guys thank you all for taking the time to reply. Highly appreciated. I only received the Teac DRH300DAB today and when I got home from work earlier, I connected up the Kefs and I am so disappointed with the sound quality! :(

Its not terrible or anything but just no way near good enough as my Creative Gigaworks G550 speakers connected to my PC. :eek:

Now I highly doubt the Kefs are the culprit here, I'm pointing fingers at the Teac. I have to raise the volume up to 30 all the way from 0, to even get a quiet listening! :confused:

I just played the same music on my PC through my Creative Gigaworks set, and I am in love all over again! Bloody hell, this is bad.

I was playing music from an original Spy Game soundtrack and Nelly Furtado's CD, and also MP3's from my flash stick via Teac's USB and hardly any difference in sound quality. :suicide:

Also the Teac only has preset equalisers and doesn't allow me to do my own! I only got the Teac for its USB port which annoyingly Onkyo or Denon does not have!

I sure hope I can send this junk back to Empire Direct ASAP!

Back to the drawing board but one things for sure, these Kefs are here to stay! :thumbsup:


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DC, I'm stunned.:( I hope you can get a refund on your Teac purchase because your speakers certainly deserve better. Much better. Looking at what else Empire sell I noted a couple of Yamaha amps - one at about 226 quid. So you won't get a DVD player out of it but these things have to be done in stages, if it's quality sound you're after and patience is the key if you don't want to buy something in haste and regret it later. I'd only consider the Yamaha option if Empire won't refund and only exchange. I had a Yamaha for a number of years which I ran with some KEF Concertos and recently loaned it to a young guy. He was quite rapt. Otherwise I'd wait and look for a second hand amp aiming for one of the UK makes. You could do the same with the CD player - maybe an NAD or an older Rega or Arcam.

You've made the first step towards getting a quality set up by buying the KEFs - don't back away now and remember the advantages of separates. They're a lot easier (and fun) to upgrade even if they're a bit more expensive. Study the Hifi separates forum - there's heaps of advice and information to be gleaned from there.

Good luck!


Dead Cell

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RossFlet your awake this late? Your just as bad as I am! :smashin:

Had a look at empires website and it seems they do issue refunds so will give them a call as soon as I get up.

Well I don't know if I should be saying all this here as it is a little off topic now and doesn't have much to do with speakers but I'll say it briefly.

I'm now looking at this which is rather on the expensive side but it suits my needs 100%. I'm going to throw in a decent Sony amp which will work with the Nac as the Nac's remote control will also control the Sony amp, meaning I don't have to fiddle around with 2 remote controls (the only thing that really puts me off separates are all the remote controls that you end up with)!

Sony seem to have stopped making these and I guess that's one reason why their so expensive but there seems to be plenty on the net, price ranging from £570-£670.

I feel like putting this whole project on hold for a while and maybe wait for these Nacs to come down in price (which I doubt since their no longer in production as far as I know), or maybe Sony or some other company will release more kits just like this, only a lot cheaper.

The only problem is I've got itchy fingers and I feel like adding it to the basket lol!

Ignore me, its just a phase I'm going through guys. Once I've got it all, I'll move on to something else! :suicide:


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DeadCell, don't you think the mistake you have already made is a good indication that you should be visiting a speciaist Hi-Fi dealer and auditioning products before you buy them? You might not get the very cheapest price around but you will have the peace of mind knowing that you have bought what is the best sounding combination to your own ears.

A good partner for the Kef iQ5s woud be the new Marantz PM6002 amolifier and the CD6002 CD player. These are both available at £237 in the Sevenoaks sale. I'm sure there must be at least one branch close to where you live.


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A good partner for the Kef iQ5s woud be the new Marantz PM6002 amolifier and the CD6002 CD player. These are both available at £237 in the Sevenoaks sale. I'm sure there must be at least one branch close to where you live.

Listen to this man, Dead Cell, he may be a dealer BUT he always gives GOOD advice. I ran Marantz player for a number of years with excellent results. This is an excellent price - they're a lot more expensive here in New Zealand (where we are currently 13 hours ahead of UK).

Dead Cell

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Crusty and Ross thanks I think that's just what I needed to hear. I keep hearing about Nads on here so tomorrow I am going down to Richers and checking them out. If all goes well which I'm sure it will, then I will be giving a Nad a home. :thumbsup:

I ordered the Sony NAC HD1E today from homecinematv and should receive it on Tuesday. Still feeling bad over it though as it cost me £575! :rolleyes:

Now all I need is the amp and I should be set to annoy the neighbours. :clap:

Next stop: A nice little cabinet purely to protect these babies from dust and little fingers.

EDIT: Again off topic so please do forgive. Just wanted to ask, I have a Creative Subwoofer which came as a set with my Creative Gigaworks G550W 5.1 PC speakers. Would it be possible for me to hook up the Sub to the Nad amplifier for example? It has its own power suply which has to be plugged in to the mains, so I guess its got a built in amp. Or are these types of Sub only meant for PC use? Any ideas? :lease:

I'll keep you guys posted on how I get on. You've all been a big help so thank you kindly. :thumbsup:


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