Kef hts2001 different size versions, can someone help?


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Hi all

I've got an excellent (a few years old) Denon 7.1 amp and plan to pair it with some KEF speakers and then a sub.

I'm keen to buy a set of KEF hts2001 speakers. However, on ebay a few listings mix slightly different size speakers, and different colour cone too.

I've attached an example.

Please could someone help explain how to tell the different versions of hts2001 models apart, and if you had to mix, would you notice?

Thanks in advance


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I can't help you with the different models that where available, mine are dark brass ones, but I doubt you will hear the differences between the models in an HT surround setup.


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Update, in case anyone else comes across this thread...

It looks like the original hts2001 have the black tweeter whereas hts2001. 2 and. 3 have the silver colour. Each represents an iterative improvement. All should sound good but the later versions slightly better, in theory

Koko pops

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I have the 2001.3 model and they are good little speakers.
Info i found from another thread on the kef egg model line up, hope it helps:
The 2001's i have can all be mounted horizontally for a center channel and vertically for side or surrounds . They all have 2 screw mounting positions accordingly and the base plates are adjustable and can be mounted on a shelf or wall.
KHT2005 SP3336 – released in 2000 – black and silver

comprises 4 x HTS2001 + 1 x HTC2001 + PSW2000 subwoofer

KHT2005.2 SP3379 – released 2004 – black and silver

comprises 4 x HTS2001.2 + 1 x HTC2001.2 + PSW2010 subwoofer

KHT2005.3 SP3632 – released in 2009 – gloss black and gloss silver

Comprises 4 x HTS2001.3 + 1 x HTC2001.3 + KUBE 2 subwoofer

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