Kef eggs with your own sub?


Mike Dando

Does anyone use the Kef eggs with their own subwoofer?
Is it possible? If so is it a viable setup.

I would like to change over to satellite speakers but I want
to keep using my REL Strata III.

From what most people say, that's the best route as the eggwoofer isn't particularly deep or powerful.
I would definitely keep the Rel.

And if the Gallos are 1/10th as good as Uncle Eric and others say, then grab those instead of the eggs (which I don't personally like)......

BJ (2 Gallos to go with my Q100 on order so far...)
I haven’t heard the Kef eggs but I have heard the Anthony Gallos, which sounded superb for their size. Truly amazing.

Your REL sub would no doubt need to be set up a little differently to accommodate the Anthony Gallos satellites but I am pretty damn sure that it would sound super if the satellite/sub route is your chosen way....
You may need to check that . I remember reading an article about the strata and the REL guy (Richard Lord) was saying that the ST range or at least the strata was Ok up to 100 Hz but anything above that you should look at the Q range. I also read that if you have the gallo's on a shelf they will roll off about 120Hz but will go lower if wall mounted.

Don't know if you can hear any gap but as I say something to bear in mind.
I have the Velodyne sub with the KEF's. The KEF sub is the weak link so its best to keep your own.

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