KEF eggs, wall mounts?


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Jul 23, 2000
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gardabaer, Iceland
Can the eggs not be mounted on walls? Can they only be placed on top of something, or on the dedicated stands?

p.s. Are they as good as the mag reviews make them out to be?
Q. Can the eggs not be mounted on walls?

er, do you mean can you mount the eggs? If that is the question then yes you can, look at there base and you will see there are holes there were they can be attached to a screw or something similar.

Yes, to mount them you just put 2 screws in the wall (there is a spacer template in the manual). Word of warning - they are fairly heavy and sometimes they do not stay in the orientation you select. If you have this problem take them off the wall and tighten the allen screw in the base (I don't think it says that in the manual).

And yes, they do sound very good for the price, at least for home cinema. For music they are adequate but certainly not audiophile.
I have the Kef speakers and think they are great for music especially dolby digital music or sacd.
The speakers are solid and easy to set up. I have them mounted on my wall, they need 2 screws as they are quite heavy.
How big are the screws it comes with ?

Are these adequate or would longer ones from B&Q be better ?

Also, is it best to drill a hole ine the wall with a rawplug or just use the screws straight into the wall if they are self tapping ?
I used 2 screws in each speaker and drilled holes. I bought the screws as I dont think they cam with any. I think they just came with a key so you could have the feet on the wall.
Rawplugs is the way to go & I found that the speakers droop after time (tightening the allen bolt just makes it worse after so tight as there is only one bolt) so a touch of Loctite on the ball joint helps

I think the Kef 2005.2 along with the Denon 2803 amp is quality, thank you to everyone on here who helped me come to the decion of purchasing these two items.
I am sure there are louder systems but for me I prefer clarity clear sound. I have heard the songs radio from the cors live along with Eric Claptom here in heaven live and the sound was superb.

I watched bad boys 2 tonight and again thought the soun along with the sub was outstanding and well worth £1180 that I paid for it. I have read a lot of reviews from various mags and they all rated both as best of 2003 and that they are better than other speakers and amps that are twice as much.
I dont think there are any better staelite speakers available for that sort of price, if there was I would have bought then ;)
good, I'm glad you are happy with your system - thats what it is all about in the end :)


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