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Aug 16, 2002
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I went into a local dealer on Saturday, trying to find a girlfriend-approved alternative to the AE Aegis Evo and B&W 600S3 speakers that I've been looking at.
I've been lurking for a while and heard (reasonably) good things about the M&K K series speaker package, and whilst it's very expensive it might just get past Mission Control. So I asked the fella in the shop, who said "Nah, they're crap and expensive, try the Kef eggs instead - 90% of the speaker for 50% of the price".
I listened to the eggs with a Denon 3802 driving them and was disappointed - they sound a bit restrained, lacking clarity and openness.
Anyone heard the M&Ks to compare? Was the guy in the shop talking out of his fundamental orifice, or are they all gonna sound crap compare to floorstanders at the front? I've not found anywhere in Nottingham(shire) that has them to demo so any advice is welcome before I travel.
TIA for any help.

I think you're always gonna struggle when comparing sats to floorstanders.
Yeah, I know. But finding a good sounding solution that the girlfriend can accept is important, hence looking at the M&Ks. The thing is that the Kefs, while good, just seemed to be a bit muffled and restrained. I know sub/sat combo's have limitations, but are the limitations of the little M&Ks far higher than the Kef eggs?

I called into Audio Excellence to audition the Kefs, wanting dearly to like them to make my life easier at home!

They were OK. No more than that. I then went on to hook up a K series and was very impressed. Not in the same league as the eggs, so much fuller and expressive. I then learned that the guy in the shop had just changed the speakers and kept the Kef Egg sub, so with a decent sub the K series will rock......... at a price :(

I loved the K series. My wife accepted the K series. My bank manager made me hunt down Mission 774's etc and the wife had to lump it :cool:

If you have the dosh the M&K's blow away the eggs......but then they would wouldn't they??;)
If you want small, then why not go for the Gallos that Eric has recently written a review on?

They are more expensive than the Eggs (£300-350 a pair compared to £200 a pair) but would be worth it if you can afford it.
Originally posted by Rommel
So I asked the fella in the shop, who said "Nah, they're crap and expensive, try the Kef eggs instead - 90% of the speaker for 50% of the price".

Another dealer who should be packed off to work at Powerhouse!

I can only assume one of two things:
1. The dealer doesn't stock M&K gear
2. He does stock M&K but gets a better margin on Kef Eggs

If he doesn't stock them then he shouldn't be slagging them, especially in such a crass manner - if he said "I don't like them and this is why... but you should listen to them yourself" then that would be fine but just saying "They're crap" is unintelligent, arguably incorrect and possibly even insulting as he is effectively saying "How can you have been so stupid as to even consider them"?

If he does stock them then he should have let you listen to both and decide for yourself.

I also don't buy the argument that a sub/sat setup can't compete with floorstanders. I've done a comparison with an expensive (£1750) pair of very good floorstanders (KEF Ref 2-2s) against some very good sats (M&K S85 paired with a reasonable sub) and it was incredibly close - the KEFs had better imaging (Uni-Q drivers) but the M&Ks were more open (tiny cabinets).

Thanks for your help guys, I think I'll have to hunt down a dealer and listen to the K-series. If I can find a dealer that also does AE or B&W then a side-by-side comparisom is the way to go. Any ideas of dealers in the Midlands?

BTW the dealer was, surprisingly, Sevenoaks. The chap said that they'd recently closed down their account and were no longer deaing with M&K as there was no demand...:confused: I guess he may have just meant in the Nottingham store, but it seems to go against everything that's said on this forum.


I have the K-Series, and i am VERY IMPRESSED. Just go for the best sub that you can, and dont just accept the one that comes with the package, i.e. the little K-9, it may be ok for you , but audition first !!


I've heard great things about them - but then I heard great things about the Kef eggs and was disappointed :(

I was thinking of an extended surround setup with 3xK7 on the front, 2xK4 + 2xK5 at the rear and maybe the VX125 (?) sub, though the Velodynes in the Powerbuys section sound great...
My room's quite big at 18'x15' (2000 cubic ft).
How does this compare with your setup? Which amp are you using to drive them?


I have 3 x K-7's across the front, and 2 x K-4's at the sides, and the little K-9 sub.

My room is 17' x 15' taking into account bay window etc, so is not unlike yours in size. I have usual furnishings, carpet etc. The K-9 sits at the back of the room tight into the corner, and does sound very good ( but i want more ) ! Even with it's size and the size of my room, i do not have it booming away but still had to dampen everything down ! I now want the V-125.

They are driven by the Denon 3802, which for me is more than enough at around -10db, and they sound superb.
Go for a bigger sub and you wont go wrong !

If you were'nt so far away you could come for a listen.

Thanks Mozzer,

Denon 3802 is my first choice for the amp, so its good to know the combination works well.

Next time I'm up your way, I'll PM you to beg for a demo if that's not too cheeky!:D

Can I ask, did you have to pay list price for them, or did you manage to get a deal with your supplier? Everywhere that advertises them seems to be the same price, but given the price tag even a 10% discount is worth having (pays for cables etc.).
I've read the thread w.r.t. M&K pro gear from Uncle Eric which suggests it's all locked down hard.


Had to pay list price unforunately. M&K do not discount their products. They do occassionally though, offer a free upgraded sub, worth checking that out !

If you like them when you hear them, the discount doesn't matter in the end. Tis' nice if you can get it though !

Just to throw in my 2 pennys worth - I have the following spec

3 * s85 front
4 * k4s side and read
1 * mx-150 sub (2nd hand for £1100 thanks to this forum)
amp = 3802
fuj 4233 42'' plasma :)

the k4s are a fantastic buy at 495 a pair - they just blend so smoothly you have no idea of where the sound is coming from just a perfect wall of sound (if thats the way you like it)

oh and the sub seriously kicks ass - hope the house is upto it in the long run.

i cant express enough how fantastic the set up is any given movie just sucks you in very quickly

i still have tears in my eyes when i sit down to use it - oh wow


I've read great things w.r.t. S85s, supposedly they are a lot better for music (do you agree?).
Are the S85s really *that* much better than the K7s? Is there much difference in sound quality/character between the front & rears? Do 4x K4s be much of an improvement on 2x K4s + 2x K5s for rear duties?

Thanks for your opinion (though with all my questions I bet you wish you hadn't bothered!).

Originally posted by Rommel
Are the S85s really *that* much better than the K7s?

I haven't heard the K series but uncle eric's answer is a resounding YES
In the M&K range, the word serious starts with the S85 and goes up through to the MPS professional series.
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