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Hi... I'm seriously considering selling my KEF eggs on these forums. I understand that I need to specify an asking price. I'd be grateful if anyone could give me an idea as to what they might be worth. They are the original release version with the sub and five satellites. All boxed and mint condition. I paid £800 for them. I also have a pair of dedicated stands for them that I paid £80 for.




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Hi galewis1 - try a SEARCH through the classified forum here, or have a look on ebay.

Recent sales here had the full kit going for £525+collection, or individual eggs for £60 delivered.

Good luck !


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Richer Sounds were recently selling the original 2005.1 package for £500 and a 2005.2 package can be had for £650 including cables (Creative). I would think £525 high for the original package, but abot right for the revised 2005.2.

I'd say more like £400, but if you can get more, that's good going.

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