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I finally bought a set of eggs a little while ago after hearing them at a friend's house. I've been very happy with them but the centre has always sounded a little dull to me so I borrowed my friend's centre and that sounded exactly the same. Everything's clear but the really high HF stuff - glass shattering etc. just doesn't seem to have that 'fizz'. I took my centre over to his house and plugged it in and the difference is amazing - the sound is sharp and exact. We both have the same amp - Yam 630 so that's not the cause. The cable's the same too.

I can only conclude that there's something wierd (acoustically) going on in my living room. What I need (maybe) is a centre with a LOT of HF so losing some of it would make it sound OK. I know it's a bit of a stupid solution but has any one got any other ideas - can you recommend a more suitable centre.

BTW, what is a KEF Egg centre worth these days, and does anyone want one ?


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You can try to connect an extra tweeter in parallel to the centre speaker. You would need a capacitor in series to remove the low frequencies.


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I bought a single egg for £50 inc of postage willing to offer the same for yours if you have the box.

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