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As a newbie in the world of Home Cinema, I would greatly appreciate any input from the elders on this site. I have recently bought a Philips 32PW9617 TV and am now looking to add a surround sound system to it.

I have a major problem, however - Space. Although I have a good sized living room, the TV fits into an alcove next to the fireplace and takes up virtually the entire alcove - just 3 inches on either side spare - and there is no other possible location for the it (according to my wife!).

I have been contemplating buying a set of KEF Eggs as these meet spousal approval in terms of looks and size, but as I only have below the TV to put any AV equipment, and that we already have a VCR and Sky box sitting there, a one box solution is the only real posibility. I was considering something like the Denon ADV700 or it's replacement ADV1000.

To accomodate all this and find space for a centre KEF egg, I would need to place it on the shelf of the stand but in an off-centre position. Would this cause a problem?

Also to get the two front speakers accomodated into the alcove as required they would need to be set back slightly behind the front edge of the TV screen and set just above. Is this o.k. and do the KEF Egg stands extend tall enough to do this? If not would putting the left and right front eggs on the same shelf as the center be an acceptable alternative?

I am sorry if these are very basic questions but any help in this area before I buy may prevent me making an expensive mistake.

Ideally you want the centre speaker as close to the centre of the screen as possible (either below or above the TV).

Is wall mounting the Kefs a possibility? In terms of space in the alcove. You could wall mount the left & right eggs and have the centre egg on top of the TV.

Most amps have a speaker delay facility whereby you key in the distance your seating position is from each speaker, this allows you some flexibility over the placement of the speakers (one further away than the other etc etc).

In a perfect world all the front speakers would be on the same plane (height) under the TV with the centre set back slightly further than the outside pair. The centre would be flush with the bottom of the screen.

Hope this helps.:)

Thanks for your response.

Unfortunately, mounting the centre speaker on top of the TV is not posible as it slopes back very sharply. The idea of wall mounting the front Left and Right speakers appealed to me - but not, unfortunately to 'er indoors! Only speaker stands or on the TV shelfs will do apparently!!

Life is not being made easy.

Thanks anyway for your other advice which will come in handy.
Looks like its stands then. Have a look at Kefs website, on the startpage are the Kef Eggs on their stands, gives you an idea of how tall they are. Kef

It maybe possible to use blue tac to hold the centre speaker on top of the TV, the base of the egg isn´t that big (actually blue tac works wonders!:) )

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