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Jan 20, 2002
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ive just moved house, and had the 2005.2 eggs on my walls before, and enjoyed the sound. In my new house i really cannot be bothered to chase walls for cables.

Now, my new room is approx the size of a garage, about 5.5x 2.6

I like the eggs and would buy them again tomorrow, but those stands just dont look very good or look sturdy! Any comments on them from users?

What other choices do i have for circa £600 which have the same quality sound but with decent stands?


Can i use floor standers for rears?

please fire away with ideas/choices


Have you looked at the mod2's from, i've ordered up LCR for £460. Really nice looking speakers, also read some pretty good reviews... US company..
How about putting the rear eggs on/ in something, like a bookcase or a CD/DVD tower? (they fit pretty snuggly in Ikea Billy CD units). You could then just run the cable up the back of the unit.

The fronts are trickier, and as I see it, you've got a couple of options:
1 - find some 'better' stands for the Eggs,
2 - upgrade left/ right eggs to floorstanders. Kef Q4s (aroudn £300) would fit well with the remaining eggs - they have quite a small footprint and come from the same family. Or you could go larger and get Q5/Q7/iQ??? depending on budget.

Or you could just get your chisel out and chase the walls. It'll probably cost less and take less time than looking into all the othe options!

those orbs look nice, but i would like to hear before i buy

Balder, it not a case of upgrading, i have no speakers now, so its total new buy here
Ideally i would like a matching set for appearance sakes.

The idea of two eggs in cd towers sounds promising though, might think about that one

will go and demo the Q series too i think, cheers

I recently bought Mod 2 for center and the rest Mod 1 which completed a 5.1 setup. I can't say I have owned allot of quality speakers but after have owned thousands of dollars worthe of bose cube speakers the Orb's really are impressive. The high and mids are very good and clear. Way better than my Bose set up.

Since I just got back from the states and mounted them on my wall I haven't had time to pick up a subwoofer. They sound so good to my ears that I am not sure I need a subwoofer until I buy my 436 which comes out next month in Thailand.

Ethan (owner) recommends the MOD 2 for the center at least and I would have to say I agree 100%. The MOD 1 would do fine but I could tell the difference with vocals right away when I added the second one. I have a pretty small room about 7ft long and 10 feet wide so the MOD 1 for front right/left and rears are plenty. They pack allot of punch for small speakers that are priced at around 750usd! If you don't want to wall mount them they will come with small stands but for the rears you will have to buy something to put them on so they sit in the right place. Stud 30's that they sale for 12 bucks a piece are great if you have to mount them high on the wall. I used my automatic setup with Pioneer and it really sounds good.

If you would like I can take a few pics and post them for you?


ps they are cheap because they cut out the middle man but that also cuts out a sound test.... they give 30 days no questions asked if you want to return them...just pay for shipping
cheers for that Asaf, some piccies would be nice :)

i am tempted, they do look nice..will have to read some reviews. I do like the stand i see, but they are 200 bucks!! look nice though i must admit.
I too have Orb Speakers, 3 mod 2's for the front and 2 mod 1's for the rear. They are excellent speakers. I went with the 'Peoples Choice' without the sub, which cost $739.

If you are concerned about importing these from an American Company...dont be. My experience with Orb was possibly the best online purchasing experience ive ever had...really great service and they will answer any of your questions via email. Shipping was also very prompt.
cheers... due to myself not wall mounting my speakers though, i don't know what else the orbs would sit the postage on those stand on the site is kinda huuuuuuuuge :)
Just bought the 3 x Mod2's to replace my LCR setup...

Just waiting for them to be delivered so i will post what they are like after they get here :D
B&W MT20 or B&W MT30. These have the lot. Looks and awesome performance. Just check out some of the recent reviews, all confirm it is probably the best of the current crop. I demoed them last week with a Denon 2106 and the Yamaha 757, and the results were stunning.

Hope this helps.


jonandjen :)
sirp said:
cheers for that Asaf, some piccies would be nice :)

i am tempted, they do look nice..will have to read some reviews. I do like the stand i see, but they are 200 bucks!! look nice though i must admit.


Sorry for the delay... any how heres a couple pics. By the way the little stands they come with you could put on a back shelf if you have one with no problems.



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Have you thought about the Monitor Audio Radius set up.

I have the Radius 270 for fronts with R180 centre and R90 rears and a rel quake- an amazing set up for around £1200. I know this is a lot but if your not fussy about colour (my wife was) then you could get a beech setup for half that or buy second hand for around £600 ish (quite a few R270's on ebay at the moment. The R270's are floorstanders.

I had the orbs and can concur with the above comments - amazing and Ethan is ACE (I sold my mod1's here recently and the main reason was the gaffer didn't like the black grille on the polished silver domes).
not sure on colour yet, certainly dont mind beech..but im trying to budget around 700 for the speakers, plus stands

what setup for 600?
Chap - have a mooch on the Sevenoaks clearance website as there are loads of radius bits and bobs and I reckon you could do for £700 (Wolverhampton just sold some mirage nanosats for £250 !)

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