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I'm writing this in the hope someone has had a similar experience and can offer some advice. I've got a set of KEF Eggs and sub woofer connected up to a Sony amplifier, but recently the sub has started humming (so it hasn't always done this), but it doesn't always hum from the outset. Observations I've made are as follows :
- test tone performed via the amp indicates sub is working
- if I leave the sun on but disconnect it from the Amp the humming stops
- switching off the amp doesn't stop the hum if it has started (though it does eventually stop after a period of time
- Amp, TV, sub, ps4, sonos etc are all plugged in to a power surge protected extension block. Unplugging the sun from it and connecting to a its own socket in the wall doesn't change the symptoms

I don't have a way of testing the sub independently in the Amp so can't determine if the fault is with the sub or amp.

Any thoughts or suggestions welcome. Thanks, Simon


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As the sub does not hum when disconnected from the amp then that likely rules out the sub as causing it. That does not mean it is the amp either. It may be that the cable between amp and sub is faulty or it might be where it is placed. Does the cable run near or across any mains leads?


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Thanks for your input. The cable does, and has always, run near a mains cable (to power the sub). I'll try separating them further to see if there's any improvement.

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