KEF Cresta 2's part of home cinema setup?


Jonathan Gray


I read that you had KEF Cresta 2's as part of a home cinema setup on I have KEF Cresta 2's and was thinking about getting the following setup:

KEF Cresta 2's (I have these already) for fronts.

Yamaha RX-V630SE or Marantz SR5300 (for it's real 6.1 support). Should I bother getting 6.1 support, if not then I can go for the Yamaha 430SE, however, I would like to spend the extra dosh just to future proof the system + I want to be able to connect a DVD player, xbox and ps2 to the amp.

KEF Cresta Centre

speaker stands (something like Atacama)

rears (I have looked at Eltax HT-2 or some Mission 77DS). I don't know what rears would ideally go best with the KEFs. I have read suggestions that I should go with KEF Cresta 1's.

+ speaker cables and interconnects

I would like to get a decent amp basically so that I can upgrade a couple of years down the line. However, what do you think of this setup in general?



Before I upgraded, I had Cresta 2s, Center and Cresta 1s for the rears driven by the cheapo Kenwood 5050 recevier.

I had a cheaper sub (Celestion I think), but upgraded to a Q100.

It all sounded surprisingly good !! - enough to impress a few of my friends :)

PS. Still have the Cresta 1s, if you want some cheap ? :)


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The only real match is Cresta 1 but do not use it unless you can put it at least one meter behind you. Otherwise I would take mission dipoles.
I have all Cresta setup in my "computer room" and it works great driven from cheap Yamaha but it has to be a bit behind, otherwise it is pretty useless, even if you turn level up.

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