Kef Ci50R ceiling speakers with Samsung TV ??


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I have been persuaded to have ceiling speakers in a bathroom to connect up to the Samsung 37" LCD TV in the bedroom, and went and bought a pair of Kef Ci50R's as they seemed cosmetically to be the best solution at the bathroom end.

Having failed to think this through, I have found that I am getting very little power from the speakers ! It has dawned on my that my mistake is that they are passive speakers which none of the outputs on the TV seem powerful enough to drive.

If relevant, the speakers are 6 ohm and the recommended amplifier power is 10 - 30W.

I am not looking for hi-fi, just a vaguely decent volume. I assume that the solution is to get some sort of small lowish power amp, preferably with inbuilt volume control.

I was wondering whether using the powered half of a pair of computer speakers, with the Kef's connected to the output might be one solution. Although far from ideal it would at least be cheap if it would work ?? . Alternatively are there any small amps that can be recommended and what sort of wattage should I be looking for ?

Maplin seems to have a range which require an external power supply and potentiometer e.g. 12W Universal Amplifier Module > Maplin. However, my preference would be something all in a single box like the powered half of a computer speaker set or just a small brand name amp unit.

Finally, is there any output on the TV to which I can connect the amp, which would not be dependent on the TV volume settings, so that I can have the TV speakers turned down but the bathroom speakers turned up (not the headphone socket as I don't want to disable the TV sound whilst using the bathroom speakers).

As you can tell, not too much idea what I am talking about so any thoughts gratefully received !
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