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I have a pair of KEF Cantor III speakers, they are pretty old, bought around 25 years ago. I fear that they are fake because both speakers don't have a stamp on the back, with serial number, model number, you know what I mean I guess... Everything else is completely the same like the picture of a model I found on their site, but the stamp is missing.
The audio is pretty damn good (considering I use a 50w DVD as an amplifier, my 130w amplifier died and is being fixed), and I also have a Realtek integrated audio card, which I will swap (would the sound be any better if I do?)...
The sound is pretty clear, speakers are working for more than 25 years now, completely identical like the model from the pictures on KEF official website, just missing a stamp on the back... Could it be that it fell off, or got detached from speakers? Or my pair is just fake?
Thanks :)


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Hello, thanks for your response
I opened it, and saw something on the back of the speaker. It says:
SP 1094
and the last line i couldn't read very well, said
*blank line*
*text i couldn't read*
I took a picture with my phone but it's so blurry and unreadable.
I took the middle speaker out
There is a huge one on the bottom, and a small one on the top.
Should I take others as well?

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