Question Kef and Tannoy speaker config - small / large


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I know the small/large stuff has been done a lot and I have done my reading so understand the difference behind the setting but I am still trying to get to grips with the best setting for the speakers.

My set up consts of the following:
Front = 2x KEF q700's
Centre = 1 x KEF q600c
Rears = 2 x Tannoy v4's

I have a Sub which is a Dynaudio 250

Everything I have read seems to suggest I should set everything to small as I have a Sub but my question is would I be missing out on a bit of range from the fronts?

I was going to go Fronts = large, centre and rears = small, cross over set to 80 in the amp and turned up to max on the sub.

Does this sound sensible or silly?


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Set all speakers to small with an 80Hz crossover. You will not be missing out on anything and in fact may even improve things. This is because the sub will do the low stuff far better than the q700s. By taking some of the load off the fronts you should help to clear up the mids. Also even with an 80hz crossover the 700s will be getting some stuff below this since a crossover point is were it starts to roll off and not a solid block.

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