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Evening all, just a quickie if I may.

I am, hopefully, soon, to be the proud owner of a set of Q30's (thanks Allan) but am stuck for a centre. Obviously, the same brand and type would be the most preferable option but, as usual, there are several other factors to take into account. Namely budget & space. I have been advised that a q9c would be the best match but at £250 thats a bit steep for me and it is a pretty big beast. The Kef 100 Centre is another option choice which I again have been told will match the fronts and even the Coda series.

I think the Codas are a different type of speaker all together (ie not uni-q) but may be wrong. Any advice direction much appreciated, oh and I think my budget will only be about £100-150 so no doubt will have to wait until something comesup onthe forum. Or would I really spoil everything by going for a £50 Cresta (hangs head in shame)


Mark Ward

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I would whole heartedly recommend the Kef Model100. I went from a Q95C to this model with the Q55's I had at the time. The difference was staggering.

You should be able to pick one up for around 160-180 second-hand, you could find one for less a VERY cheap one came up on the forums a few days ago but had already gone. One thing to check though.. The very earliest examples weren't Bi-Wireable. Almost all are but I wouldn't suggest you buy one if it isn't.

The best bit would be that should you upgrade from the Q30's again it's quite likely that the centre could stay. I still use mine with my Ref2.2's and it's fabulous.

I am in the process of moving to a bigger room and will be selling my Model100 in a few months, I've gone for the Model200 to compliment the Reference4.2's I intend to add to the new room.

I wouldn't suggest you wait for mine to hit the classifieds but you could try putting a WTB (Want to Buy) post in the classifieds forum.

EDIT:- Ooops! I see you already have "Wanted" ad in the classifieds! :blush:



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Go for something that would be a reasonable match. With your budget that means you'll have to get something secondhand. The Model 100 is rated very highly but make sure you don't get one of the very early units with only 2 binding posts. You might pick up a Q95C or better still a Q95.2C for 100 pounds or less - these would work well.


As expected, I thought the 100 would be the one to go for. As I already have a sub/sat set I can wait to see what comes up.

Thanks again

7ThGuest :)


dear all

I have spent several hours tonight discussing my requrements with a number of different retailers.

I am soon to be the owner of a pair of Kef Q30's and would like a centre to match ( as always budget plays a great part and I only have 100-150 max to spend).

I know a Kef 80, 90 or 100 C would be the preferred choice but as I am sure you are aware these speakers are not readilly avaailable.

One of the offers I came across tonight was a Kef egg as a centre??

I know I am a newbie but was suprised at this choice even though it has the same uni-q driver.

Am I missing the point and this is a good match?? or am I right in thinking this would be a very great mistake!!

As always your thoughts are much appreciated.



I've not heard the Q30s, just the Q35s (may have been the .2s - not sure), but if they sound similar in tonal balance, you don't want a big centre and have a limited budget, then I'd consider having a listen to the Tannoy MXC.

It may not be the greatest centre speaker ever to grace the planet, but it's good for the money IMO (around £80 online), and would probably match OK with a set of Q35s (size and cost considering).
Like I said though, I really dont know whether the Q30s are similar to the Q35s or not, and getting a listen for yourself is probably the best way - not that too many dealers are that interested at this sort of level. :rolleyes:
Sad, but all too common these days - don't they realise that today's budget buyer might well become tomorrow's big spender?

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