Kef 5005


I have had my kef eggs for about 18 months now and i am seriously thinking about upgrading to the 5005.
Has anybody upgraded from the kef eggs and if so was it worth it, or do you have the 5005 and are you very impressed, also can you buy them separately as i dont need the sub, thanks inza


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Had a demo of the 5005's a couple of months ago with the intention of them replacing my Mk1 eggs. Found the 5005's didn't justify the upgrade cost so went for the Monitor Audio Radius speakers instead.


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Have the 5005 up for 2 weeks now. Brilliant speakers, look far better than the eggs - much classier - and - musically far better than the eggs.

Movie wise, they are not much improvement.

If - like myself - you use your AV kit for music too - then IMHO they are worth the upgrade, otherwise stay with the eggs for now.



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I compared the 5005's to the eggs and I also thought the 5005's sounded and looked much nicer.


I'm thinking of the 5005 system as it appears reasonably 'girlfriend friendly', what kind of deals are available ?


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Hi there, I got a set of 5005s on Friday and picked up a second hand Denon 3802 the next day. The speakers need breaking in properly, but blow my old system out of the water for straight music out of the box (Acoustimass 5/Technics amp). Having just watched the new Italian Job on a Panasonic PTAE100 I'm hugely impressed by the full on surround as well.

I'd also mention that if you're considering a plasma at any point, definitely go for a model which matches the screen ratio to an extent - the KEFs certainly look the part in this respect.

Will try to post a picture so you can see what they look like in a 'real' environment.

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