Kef 5.1 to 6.1 upgrade


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Hi folks

I got my first AV setup about 4 years ago which included an Onkyo receiver and 5 x Kef HTS2001 'eggs' plus the Kef PSW2000 sub.

I have just upgraded the telly to a plasma, the receiver to a Denon 2805 and am now considering what to do with the speakers. My first thought was simply to get another 'egg' to make it all up to 6.1, but I've just thought that maybe it would be better to use an existing egg for the centre rear and get myself a new front centre?

What do you reckon? Good idea? Bad idea? If a new centre front is a good idea, any recommendations as to what to demo to fit in with my setup?



If you like Kef how about a Kef 6c - (smaller and more in keeping with the eggs than it's larger brother the Kef 9c).



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Thanks, Andy, I will take a lookie. I also spotted the KHT 5005's and wondered whether one of those might make a good centre to complement the eggs...?

Mr Grumpy

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Whilst I can't be sure exactly how a 5005 speaker would integrate with your existing Eggs I am running Kef 5005s in a 6.1 configuration myself. One of the biggest factors when I was choosing speakers was the size and hence impact on the room they were to be used in. I am sure at some point down the line (as and when we move to a bigger property) that I'll consider looking at some bigger alternatives, but for now both me and the g/f are really happy with the sound and also the way they blend into the room quite discretely.

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