Kef 5.1 surround no idea what I have bought


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Hi guys I have bought some speakers more like pc speakers now im home, was in a moment why buying some 2nd hand xbox games, when walking out I see some kef speakers and a subwoofer for £160... I offered the shop £125 with 3 months warrenty and they said yes, from what I have tried to fins out about these speakers online I think they are this model- KEF 5.1 Surround Sound System (KEF Kube 1 + 5 HTC 1001.2 Speakers

they have no model on the speakers but on the subwoofer it says kube-1. Pictures below

I own bose acoustimass 15 series and people on here have only said bad things and that the sub is not a real subwoofer etc so I fort why I was in the shop id just grab it.

If it is the model I have listed above would this be better than my bose or are these real cheap cra*
any help would be great anyone else have or used this system, only thing is didnt come with any cables but if its the poor I wont bother buying any. He did say I can take back as well within 14 days.

Thanks Lewis


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1000.2 Eggs, updated version of KHT1005 (came 2000) first Eggs likely. That subwoofer is quite sensitive to amp problems if you google some, but it`s the same for many others cheap ones.. I think @gibbsy has owned these if i remember correct. Maybe he can tell you more about them.

After googling little bit you could get the second generation 2005 Eggs + subwoofer for 150£ which would be better deal if these are kept good. Onkyo receiver & KEF KHT 2005 Egg speakers | in Oxford, Oxfordshire | Gumtree

And here is the updated version 2005.2 (5.1) for 200£. There is always some air in the prices..
Kef egg 2005.2 surround system | in Bedford, Bedfordshire | Gumtree

This is the newest version of Eggs which are loved by many members;
KEF 3005SE eggs and pair of stands | eBay

Here is specs of each models and what is new:

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Thanks so much for your detailed input and this has helped me out a lot, its only after reading my bose isnt a great system I dont think it sounnds to bad but I havent had anything else to test with, I have just got the sony 1080 av so fort id upgrade the system too.

Many thanks for your input so i reckon they will go back and il get the newer model, I was also looking at these... B&W Bowers and Wilkins Original MT-50 Mini Theatre - (5 x M-1, 1 x ASW608) | eBay

Or is there anything else out there for the same sort of price and better quality.

Thanks Lewis


I've owned the KEF 3005se Eggs and these were easily the best of the Egg range that KEF produced, bigger and more detailed than the previous models. The MT50s were the direct competitor of the 3005 model and are an excellent buy. I would concentrate your search either for the 3005se Eggs or the MT50s and these are still some of the best small systems ever produced.


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I can vouch for the Eggs 2s also known as 2005.3 with the bigger Kube 2 sub. I’m actually currently reusing four of the eggs in surround sound duties and frankly they are superb. Though I built my main front three myself they weren’t cheap and the equivalent mainstream speakers would cost several thousand so for me to say the KEFs hold their own is testimony to the quality of sound they produce.

My personal option is return and get the better 2005.2/3 with the bigger sub, these are perfectly good as a complete system and can be reused as part of a big better setup in the future.

Here’s a review
KEF KHT2005.3 review | What Hi-Fi?

Here’s ones for sale on eBay
KEF KHT 2005.3 Cinema 5.1 Surround Speaker Kube 2 (Gloss Black) | eBay


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...what other would be reccomended buget £600

Well that is much better budget and opens up you lot more options. Return what you bought for 125£! The E305 (KHT3005SE) i linked doesn`t sound bad for 350£ as new ones are still 699£. Someone upgraded from the 1005/2005 to latest E305 with very noticeable change. Was it @dollag ?

Those M1s are the first ones (MK2 would be better), i would pass them for that kind of price as 600£ for used system with a failure prone sub (amp) is just too much. mk2 M1 speakers came 2012, so the mk1s are quite old..

600£ budget would also get you Q Acoustics 3010 (2pairs) and QA 3090 Centre for 300£ from Richer Sounds + ~300£ for subwoofer (BK XLS200 / BK P12-300SB). This would be superior to satellite/lifestyle systems, but if you need to have something smaller depth wise also, then the Eggs / M1 system is likely wiser. Many has upgraded the subwoofer to something much better from dedicated subwoofer manufacturer and this will push the system (E305/M1) on another level.

I think there is lot of options, but depending of your room and how you will place the speakers it can go many directions.. With the 2nd hand options you are likely to buy blind which isn`t ideal, though you can go listen the KEF E305 and M1 to any local dealer first! Here is couple dealers listed, check if any would be local:

B&W M-1 (Surround & Bookshelf Speakers)
KEF E305 5.1 (Home Cinema Speaker Systems)


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@Gasp3621 it was not me; however i have had all the eggs and i agree with @gibbsy the 3005 are great and can be had quite cheap s/h. very noticeable upgrade from the 2000 and 1000 series. I would argue there is not much in it with the newer e series.

I actually still use a pair for surrounds due to their size.

I would try and get another sub as mentioned i am not a fan of kef's subs.


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^If you are willing to up the budget then loads more options open up including Q Acoustics which are superb.

Six Q Acoustics Piano White Speakers | eBay

Get yourself a BK Electronics sub and job done.

I have owned those many years ago in that same piano white + white BK Gem II, they looked lovely! :) I have never got as many praises from women as with that system. :laugh: The picture doesn´t really do justice to them..

But seriously the soon sold out QA 3000 serie is amazing deal for a 300/320£!!
Q Acoustics 3010 (Matte Graphite)
Q Acoustics 3090C (Matte Graphite)
Q Acoustics 3020 (Matte Graphite)

@dollag Ok! The eggs seems to be popular for atmos height duties aswell. :)


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^Before building my IPL Transmission Lines I went and demoed a pair of 3050i and in my honest they sounded better than Monitor Audio Silver floorstanders. At no point do any of the Q Acoustics range sound harsh on the ears, to some this might make them less exciting to listen to in HC duties but I actually reckon these are ideal as your ears will endure a film without feeling strain.
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I agree the qa's are very special for their price.

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