Kef 3005se Banana plugs or not?


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Just purchased some Kef 3005se and in the process of wall mounting them. The manual seems to suggest that whilst you can use banana plugs into the speaker terminals by removing the little black plastic plugs, you should only do this outside of EU countries? This seems a little odd? I asked the dealer where I bought them whether they could / should be banana plugged and he said they had done that with theirs previously although the ones they had were bare wire screwed into terminals?

So, can anyone advise me whether I can or should plug the speaker terminals?


Andrew K

You can remove the black pieces from the banana terminals if you wish however I prefer bare wire to the 3005SE terminals but do use banana plugs at the amplifier end.


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Technically, you're better not to use them - with the bare copper you'll get a better electrical connection, but there's nothing audible to be gained whether you use them or not (unless you're really bad at wiring them!).

As the previous poster says though, it is sensible to use them at the amp end as it's far easier when you innevitably come to mess with the kit, tidy cables up etc, to use bananas as it's easier to disconnect and connect.

Manufacturers are forced to put to stupid little black plugs in for CE compliance, which, generally, for commercial hifi is pointless.



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hi folks,

thanks for replies, I have opted to bare wire the QED cable at speaker end and banana plug at amp.

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