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Kef 3005 se with monolith df


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Hello well im new here so be gentle:hiya:im looking to buying six 3005se with a monolith my room is 3.5m by 3.5m will the sub be to much or should i go for the xls300 instead

Current system (which is for sale)

panasonic tx pb36 to be replaced by panasonic 37 px80 plasma
acoustic energy evo3 floorstanders
acoustic energy evo centre
mission 7ods x2
kef egg 2005 x1
arcam cd72
yamaha 2600 amp replaaced by onkyo 605 bit of a down grade but it is more up to date.
bk xls200df for :confused:

Downsizing because just moved to new house and my new living room is smaller by about 1m by 2.5m.
P.s do you think i could get away with a px42 plasma (seating distance 3m from the screen)

Please help:)thanks


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Personally, I'd look at going for something a little smaller. The Monolith isn't especially clean at upper frequencies around 80Hz, which the 3005se might need a little help with. I've never got on with my crossover being set at 80Hz with the Monolith whereas I was with my old Servo 15. I think a few independent tests back this up.
The XLS-300 seems to be a well regarded subwoofer although you might have to ask some others as I have no experience with it.


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Thanks for the advice sunil just add a nosey at your system very nice indeed
i see your room is quit large i bet that monolith sounds insane i think it will be far to much for my little room.

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