Kef 2005 or 3005 sats wits MS309i Sub?


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Which would be the best sats to go with my MS309i Sub?

Or should I stick with the ms 302/902 range?



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If you're considering small Kefs, make sure you hear them for yourself first.


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Personally after hearing all those speakers I would lean towards keeping the MS's. Sats and their sub are usually designed to co-exist with each other.


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I use the 3005 sats as rears and find them more than adequate and for £150 a bargain :thumbsup:

The build quality of the HTS3001s are excellent, they have a very capable stand that can be used as an excellent wall bracket allowing speaker cable (if channeled) to be invisible, which gives the whole floating, is that a speaker?, effect.

Personally heard alot of sats for rears around £100-£300 inc. KEF 1001.1, 2001.2 and 3001, Jamo A102, M&K K5, B&W M1, MA Radius R90, and MS Almuni 2.

The problem is the main differences in my opinion are the subs in these packages, the satellites are all quite similar, sound best with a crossover around 120Hz and are very bright sounding.

In order
KEF 1001s and Jamos sound very similar and are a great budget, discreet speaker. The Almuni's are nearly as good as the KEF 2002.2, which are themselves not really a bargain as you can get the better 3001s cheaper. MA Radius R90 very quick sounding and sound very similar to the M&K K5s, which are the best sounding speaker of this lot, but the K5 and R90s are a bit boxy looking and are quite directional, and as I was looking for rears, which I like to be the opposite wasn't what I was after. The B&W MT1s and KEF 3001s are very similar in design and sound and perhaps if the MT1s were £150 like the KEFs it would have been a hard decision between the both, but for £100 less I got the KEFs.

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