Kef 2005 ,Is it any good ?


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I was thinking of buying this system with an extra speaker for the surround back,have'nt heard it yet but intend to just wondering on peoples thoughts,it'll mainly be used for movies through a Denon 2802,also can you attatch the centre channel to a vertical wall as i have'nt seen a picture of this done,only with the speaker
vertical and not horizontally.

p.s Where can i buy it cheaply?


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Good? for the price it's just great!


The main weakness people find with this system is the sub. It might be an idea to use the approach I have gone for where you buy a seperate sub and then but seperate speakers.

I have purchased the Velodyne CHT10 from the PowerBuy for £325 and managed to get 6 Eggs for £510.

PM me for any extra info.

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